About me

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My name is Aeon Moon, I come from a long line of Cosmic seers & healers. Having prevalent ancestors dating back from Ancient Egypt & the Roman Empires. Also having abilities passed down through my indigenous ancestors - who were Native American Shamans & Chiefs also known as "the keepers of the fire."


Though, I truly began my Spiritual Journey when I came into contact with beings that were not from this planet... or this realm & had the ability to transcend time. That's when everything was opened up to me. I began to access information not previously known or available to me or anyone I had ever known before. I began to see the unseeable... & know the unknowable.


I now understand this place to be called the halls of Akashic Records & have become well acquainted with the Divine Blueprint. These halls of records contain everything that's ever been... & everything that lies just beyond the veil. If YouTube is how you have come to know me & my videos resonate with you, there is another portal that has recently been opened to me. Come book a reading... I may just have the KEY you've been looking for.